About us

HUB Life 5010 is an organic story.

Fitness trainers Kelly Wilson and Alex Telea, each with their own brand The HUB (Kelly) and TEAMAXE (Alex), who trained separate groups of people to get active and keep fit in group exercise sessions.

In 2017 by chance (or destiny) Kelly and Alex were introduced. Using the same venue which was known at the time as The HUB, they each continued to deliver their unique style of group exercise sessions. Over a short period of time the two separate groups of people started training together and became one community of family and friends. The HUB and TEAMAXE sessions grew in numbers and everyone involved in every session walked away feeling empowered and supported.


Finding a new home

In late 2017 conditions of the building lease changed and The HUB had to find a new home.

With the help of amazing people in the community our members of The HUB and TEAMAXE were able to continue training out of Martin Degnan’s Boxing Gym and Les Mills Hutt City.

During this time of being homeless, Kelly and Alex together with their spouses Marty and Ime talked about forming a partnership with the goal of opening a gym. The combination of this partnership was natural because of our shared values, vision and mutual respect of each other. So was born Hub Life 5010.


Family owned

Hub Life 5010 is family owned by two separate families who live locally. Our partnership has helped realise a long-time dream of Kelly and Alex to support everyone in their individual journey to improve their physical and mental wellbeing, and create an environment and experience where everyone feels empowered and confident to be a better version of themselves.

What is unique about Hub Life 5010? It’s the experience. Talk to our members and they will describe our environment as supportive, non-judgemental, empowering, no egos, respectful, everyone is friendly, you are greeted with a smile and hug, it feels like a family, welcoming, everyone encourages everyone.


Keen to join our whanau?